Apply for this position : Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at A Partner in Education (APIE): (Deadline 28 August 2022).


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at A Partner in Education (APIE): (Deadline 28 August 2022)


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of A Partner in Education

A Partner in Education (APIE) is a small charity established in 2009 to support education development in Rwanda and make a positive difference to children’s futures. A new school, Umubano Academy (UA), is now established in Kigali as a centre of excellence in teaching and learning, with students from nursery to lower secondary. APIE has also developed teacher training materials, particularly in Early Childhood Education (EQUIP) and Education for Positive Peace (E4PP). These materials have been trialled and then disseminated widely across Rwanda.

APIE is recognised as an important partner with the Rwandan Basic Education Board, is represented on committees and included in consultations on developments nationally. We have established partnerships and collaborations with other NGOs and Technical Working Groups as well as relationships with the British High Commission and Foreign Commonwealth Development Office.

APIE is governed by a Board of Trustees in the UK. Its principal activities are in Rwanda where the majority of the small, closely-knit team is based. There are currently 2 staff members based in the UK addressing operational and fundraising matters. There is a US charity, Friends of APIE, which supports projects and initiatives in Umubano Academy.

APIE works with both international and Rwandan partners to meet the Sustainable Development Goals of Inclusive and Quality Education. Our theory of change hinges on the development of excellence in teaching and learning, where international partners work alongside local educators, supporting them to hone their skills and share their learning in an effective and sustainable way. APIE’s strategy for 2022 – 2025 is based on three strands:

  1. Supporting the development of Umubano Academy as a recognized centre of excellence for teaching and learning
  2. Developing partnerships and outreach programmes to improve the quality of teaching and educational provision in Rwanda
  3. Contributing to the improvement of the national education sector in Rwanda, using UA as a base for supporting initiatives

The plan also envisages the development of two new components: Consultancy and Corporate partnerships

The role of the Chief Executive

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for ensuring that all APIE’s activities are directed towards achieving this strategy.  This includes:

  • Leadership in all aspects of APIE’s work, including the team working in both countries
  • Developing imaginative and forward-looking thinking advice and projects
  • Making positive relationships with a wide range of stakeholders in education in Rwanda
  • Fundraising and financial organisation for sustainability
  • Ensuring compliance with external and internal governance requirements

Position within the organisation

  • Responsible to the Board of Trustees.
  • Management of staff and consultants in UK, mainly fundraising and central support, and Rwanda, mainly administrative and project personnel.


Main responsibilities

  • Provide leadership and setting the direction for the organisation in order to achieve the strategy as laid out in the APIE Strategic Plan.
  • Liaison with the UA Head Teacher and Board of Governors in order to identify the priorities and support requirements for UA in its Development Plan and to be able to address promptly any issues likely to impact on APIE’s strategy or reputation.
  • Oversight of all budget planning and delivery, financial management and governance activities to ensure legal and internal compliance and reporting on same to the Board of Trustees.
  • Responsibility for identifying, prioritising and securing sources of funding to enable the long-term future of APIE, working closely with the Fundraising Lead, the nominated Board of Trustees member and the Friends of APIE (US)


  • Maintain regular liaison with the Chair of the Board of Trustees, and on specific issues, the most appropriately nominated Board members, to ensure openness and visibility between the Board and operational matters.
  • Report to the Board of Trustees on progress against objectives and the Strategy in advance of each Board Meeting
  • Agree, implement and review his/her annual objectives and personal development needs with the Chair of the Board of Trustees, including taking advantage of opportunities to continuously develop his/her leadership skills.
  • Agree, manage the progress of, and review the annual objectives of the staff in line with the strategy.
  • Identify and develop opportunities for partnerships to support the APIE strategy, including negotiating and approving agreements and working together with partners such as Schole, PEAS, Save the Children and UK schools
  • Work with the Rwandan authorities, organisations and in-country partners in the planning, developing and managing of the provision of advice and training to the wider Rwandan education community.
  • Stay abreast of all major trends and research relevant to Rwandan primary and secondary education.
  • Ensure all APIE’s activities are carried out in accordance with Rwandan law and with due regard to cultural sensitivities.
  • Represent APIE professionally and with due regard to maintaining its good reputation in Rwanda, including promoting APIE on committees and at conferences and events.
  • Develop a marketing strategy including regular updating of the website and social media outlets to enhance the visibility and reputation of APIE.

The post holder will work flexibly and, where necessary, undertake responsibilities other than those listed above.


The post will be based in Kigali, with up to two visits to the UK per year to meet the Board, staff and funders.

The appointment is available from 1 October 2022.

Salary and Conditions

A competitive salary and conditions package will be available to the right candidate commensurate with skills and experience

Relevant Knowledge and Experience 

Applications are welcome from people with the following experience relevant to the scope of the role:

  • An in-depth understanding of education and schooling, teaching and learning. This may be through having been a teacher, through research and/or study of education and education policy and strategy
  • Experience in management of organisations, projects and people. This includes familiarity with financial and resource management, coordination of teams, delivery to deadlines, and other practical skills in organising people and initiatives
  • Experience of effective networking and influencing policy makers, institutions and key individuals
  • Fluency in English

Relevant skills and attitudes

  • An energetic, can-do attitude
  • Confident, can be proactive and able to make positive relationships with different people
  • Thinking strategically, anticipating opportunities and ways forward
  • Sensitivity to others’ priorities and ways of working


To apply please include:

  • A CV: No more than two pages of A4
  • A letter of no more than one page of A4 addressing how you meet the requirements for relevant knowledge and experience, and relevant skills and attitudes

Please send your application to

Candidates are invited to apply early as applications will be reviewed on receipt, with interviews / screening calls made accordingly. If you do not hear from us within one month of your application, please assume that you have not been shortlisted.

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