Eritrean Mulubrhan won the third stage of the Tour du Rwanda


Eritrean Henok Mulubrhan has won the longest stage in the Tour du Rwanda 2023.

It was the third stage of Tour du Rwanda 2023 where they set off from Huye to Musanze region, after Ethan Vernon won the 2 recent stages of Kigali – Rwamagana and Kigali – Gisagara; that’s why he won the yellow dress.

This Huye-Musanze stage with a distance of 199.5 Kilometers started from Huye at 08:30 and ended at 14:00 where he was defeated by Eritrean Henok Muluebrhane.

In the third part of the Tour of Rwanda, the runners started from Huye District, continued to Nyanza before going through the districts of Ruhango, Muhanga, Kamonyi, Nyarugenge from where they continued to Shyorongi and Nyirangarama and took the road to Musanze which is the race is on.

Rwandan Nsengimana Jean Bosco continued to perform well from Kamonyi.

He won the starting points at Kamonyi at 93.5 kilometers. He was followed by Pritzen and James Fouche. Nsengimana Jean Bosco again won the points awarded to Ruyenzi at 106.5 kilometers. Again he was followed by Pritzen who had 45 seconds left. Nsengimana continued to increase the gap. Those who followed him left them 40 seconds. The group was left with 12 minutes.

After leading the others for a long time until the 118th kilometer, in Shyorongi, the followers of Nsengimana Jean Bosco started to reduce to 15 seconds and at the 135th kilometer Pritzen and James Fouché came to catch him.

Due to the rain falling on these roads leading to Musanze region, some players were killed because the road was slippery. They include Team Rwanda, Eritrea and Morocco.

When the race reached Kivuruga with less than 20 kilometers to go, Pritzen and James Fouché left NSENGIMANA Jean Bosco by 30 seconds, where he was followed by Bonnet. The front runners left the peloton of 20 runners by 1.30 minutes.

In the last three kilometers, there was a regrouping between the group of nine riders who were following Fouche and Pritzer, although James Fouché again left them a few seconds and found himself in front.

Eritrean Henok Muluebrhane who plays Green Project Bardiani is the one who reached the first line and won the third stage of the Tour du Rwanda.

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