Q1: What is the main business of a school as an organization? 5 Marks
R1: The main business of a school as an organization is teaching and learning
Q2: A school Head teacher is both Leader and manager. Once you are
promoted to this position describe your roles and responsibilities as far as
leadership and management are concerned. (20 Marks)
R2: -Planning for the school (mission, vision, values, strategic and action plan)
-Organize the staff (teaching staff and supporting staff)
-Lead teaching and learning activities (pedagogical meetings, student’s meetings)
-Classroom supervision and inspection
-Reporting about the school life to superior authorities and other stakeholders
-Representing the school at different levels
-Managing well the school property
-Creating and increase school income
-Linking the school with parents and partners (PTC/PTA meetings)
-Coordination of all school activities, deploy needed school
materials, decision making, provide policies and guidelines
-Ensure communication of the entire school community
-Motivate teachers and students
-Ensure teachers’ capacity building

Q3: Think about this scenario: your secondary school is below average in
National level exams. You realize that it is due to students’ low marks in
mathematics and science. To improve the situation your school has decided to
introduce activity-based maths and science teaching from class 5. This,
however, is very resource demanding and you do not have enough funds.
What do you think are the causes of that poor performance? What will you do
for improving it? What strategy will you employ to acquire these resources? (20

R3: Causes of failure:
 Teacher is not efficient or unqualified,
 Lack of laboratory for experimentations, leading teaching-learning is not effective, limited
In order to overcome the situation:
 Think of the idea of using your teaching staff and students,
 capacity building-peer to peer learning among teachers from various school,

 use neighbour schools’ laboratories, the notion of efficiency in using available resources,
involve parents and other partners for funds.

Q4: Effective school leadership takes into account of good human resources
management. As a school Head teacher what kind of the resources referred to,
do you think you will deal with? Specify and indicate how depending on the
importance of each. (24 Marks)
 -Students (discipline, guide studies, testing, evaluate and exams…),
 -Teachers (staffing, pedagogical visit, evaluate, feedback, capacity building, avail salary and
 -Administrative staff (assign tasks, roles and responsibilities, evaluate…)
 -Parents (organize meetings, involve them in decision making, ownership sensitization),
 -Supporting staff (recruit, avail salary, assign tasks…),
 -Partners (get them involved in school life, ensure good communication, invite them in
various meetings and making decisions…)

Q5: After discussing the importance of school strategic plan and school action
plan; Show as well what one should consider before to avoid your plan to be
only an institution plan-oriented and with one example set your school action
plan for 2016 School Year insist only on these components objectives,
action(strategy), time, budget, person responsible. (15 Marks)

R5: In order to know where you are and where you go there is a need of setting directions. If
you want to look like a good picture of your aspiration you have to plan for that, in order to
achieve your goals and objectives you need a strategic and action plan. Your plan should
consider Government policies (MDGs, Vision 20-20, EDPRS 2, Education Sector Strategic
Plan {Mission & Vision} and Planning at District &Sector Level) Action plan should at least
include objectives, action (strategy), time, budget, person responsible

Q6: Rwanda’s Ministry of Education emphasizes on inclusive education.
Discuss how you will promote it at your school as a school Head teacher. (6
R6: Inclusive education is aimed at facilitating learners with disabilities to have chance of
attending the school without discrimination. Dumps, blind or short-sighted, deaf and others
with physical disabilities are helped to study in an ordinary class.

Q7: Describe one of leadership styles and explain how you can apply it in any
context while leading and managing your school effectively. (10 Marks)

R7: Styles of leadership 1-Autocratic 2-Democratic 3-Laissez faire(Pseudo-Democratic) 4-
Charismatic 5- Dictatorship. : ODELECADI


B.P. : 24 Rwamagana


A. All questions are compulsory
B. The test will last two hours only
C. Use Only ENGLISH in your answers

  1. Nowadays, the Ministry of Education is carrying out the curriculum review. What are the
    reasons for this current curriculum review? (State at least 5 reasons) (10 Marks)
  2. Among the challenges schools are facing is students’ indiscipline. Cite at least four current
    aspects of that indiscipline and suggest strategies to address this issue. (5 Marks)
  3. A school Head Teacher is both Leader and Manager. Once you are promoted to this
    position; describe your roles and responsibilities as far as leadership and management are
    concerned. (15 Marks)
  4. Which are the major/main school planning documents a Head teacher must possess?
    Indicate what aspects he/she will consider, So that the documents are effectively planned
    and easy to implement. (10 Marks)
  5. Effective school leadership takes into account of a good human resources management.
    What kind of human resources you think you will deal with? Specify and indicate how you
    will deal with each for optimum achievement objectives. (10 Marks).

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

A. All questions are compulsory
B. The Exam will last two hours only
C. Use Only ENGLISH in your answers

  1. Assume that among your staff members there are some teachers who have difficulties in
    delivering their teaching subject content, though they are willing to. As a head teacher, you
    will have to provide them with a due support and get them perform well. What are the
    activities you will carry out with this regard?/ 15 marks : 5 marks for every mentioned activity.
  2. As a school leader, you will have to involve different stakeholders in the process of school

  1. A. Mention different stakeholders you will have to involve ( 5 marks)
    B. What will be the role of each ( 5 Marks)
  2. Mention the pedagogic documents that the school head teacher must have. / 10 marks
  3. Some students reflect a low motivation to learn and perform well. Suggest 5 effective strategies
    to put in place in order to ensure a high level of students’ motivation to learn and to support
    them in their learning process. ( 15 Marks)



  1. Once you are appointed Head Teacher what do you think will be your main function at
    school? (5Marks)
  2. A) What does CBC Stands for? (5Marks)
    B) State and give examples to each of the competences in CBC (5Marks)
  3. In lesson observation guide, what are the teacher’s teaching documents that have to
    be available and regularly prepared (5Marks)
  4. State and explain any 3 main importance of ICT in teaching and learning process
  1. What do you understand by inclusive education and suggest at least 5 strategies to
    make your school inclusive (5Marks)
  2. A school is an organization. Discuss in 100 words (10Marks)
    PART 3: ICT
  3. John needs to present his project to the public in the main hall. Name the application
    software that will enable him to do it (1Mark)
  4. Explain the following keyboard shortcuts (2Marks)

  1. A) You have been appointed as the Head Teacher of a government aided Primary or
    Secondary school, what do you think would be your immediate and major duties and
    responsibilities (5Marks)
    B) Taking the case of schools as mentioned in 1(a) above, draw the administrative
    structure of such schools (5Marks)
  2. A) Differentiate between the administrative organs of a public school and private
    school and a private school by showing the duties of each organ mentioned from the
    top most to the lowest (10Marks)

  1. B) Show how the organs (administrative levels) interact especially when trying to
    address financial difficulties in the school since we know that financial means available
    is often not enough to satisfy the pressing demand. (15Marks)
  2. A) Like in any institution where people work, in a school conflict may arise up any
    time, as a newly appointed Head Teacher, how can you resolve conflicts in your
    school? (10Marks)
    B) “Conflicts but not confrontations are necessary” justify this statement (5Marks)
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