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  1. “The only way to improve learners’ performance is to improve instruction”. One of the
    essential roles of the District Education Officer is to support head teacher of schools to
    enhance quality of education and the promotion of highest standards of student
    achievement. You are appointed as District Education Officer, indicate and discuss five (5)
    most significant tasks you will perform in term of supporting school principals in the area of
    teaching and learning, the core business of a school. /10pts

  1. Tasks that the DEO should perform in terms of supporting School Principals in the area of teaching
    and learning are as follows:
     Help school Principals together with staff and parents representatives to elaborate and
    communicate school goals for Student Achievement.
     Work with School Principals and teaching staff to analyze national assessment (evaluation)
    and curriculum mastery.
     Assess and determine time on task by analyzing absences, tardiness and leaner’s behavior
     Evaluate the current educational processes and strategies that are being used.
     Examine student achievement and identify gaps by each subject and put in place to
    overcome them on a regular basis during the school year.
     Make sure all School staff focuses on student achievement goals. Let your non-educational
    staff know what your goals are and determine how they can work to support them.
     Ensure teachers analyze formative assessment (evaluation) information and monitor
    student performance regarding curriculum standards.
     Provide professional development/trainings fort teachers
     Use effective teaching strategies.
     Identify additional methods for collecting data to determine if learning is occurring.
     Help school Principals to put in place strategies for inspection (use walk-through) to
    monitoring teacher instruction and student learning.
     Look at national indicators to determine where district schools ranks.
  1. Statistics in the area of education are important tools to inform District authorities what
    decision to be taken in that domain. Indicate and discuss ten (10) key indicators that should
    be included in the District Education Officer report at the end of school year to be
    submitted to District Council. /10pts
  2. Number of schools by level and category in the district
  3. Gross enrolment rate
  4. Net enrolment rate
  5. Gross intake rate/Gross admission rate
  6. Completion rate
  7. Transition Rate
  8. Promotion rate
  9. Drop-out rate
  10. Repetition rate
  11. Pupils teacher ratio
  12. Pupils Qualified teacher ration
  13. Pupils classroom ration
  14. Gender parity
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