Mount Kenya Hotel is expected to improve the level of hospitality in Rwanda


The founder of Mount Kenya University, Prof. Simon Gicharu, said that the hotel of this university ‘Kigali Paramount Hotel’ will make a significant contribution to improving the level of hospitality in Rwanda.

In December 2021, this university started the construction of a hotel that will be used to teach students about tourism and hotels, but will also provide other services that are usually found in hotels.

He repeated this in a meeting held in Kigali organized by the branch of this university, where he said that he is happy with the steps the Kigali branch has made and that the hotel they have built will make a significant contribution.

He said, “We have come a long way since we opened a university in Rwanda. We are delighted to see our work speak for itself, for example last year we were voted the best tourism and hospitality school. Our students also represent diversity in the labor market.”

“Kigali Paramount Hotel will be the first in Rwanda to play a major role in promoting tourism and hosting people in the region. It will be one of the sources of income for this country.”

He continued asking the university leaders to continue to work well and contribute to the society and assured them that the university is waiting for documents to open a clinic that will be used by medical students.

On the part of the President of Mount Kenya University in Rwanda, Prof. Edwin Odhuno, reminded his colleagues that they should continue the good service they are already providing.

He said, “We must continue to provide quality content every day, every day you have to be in control to continue to stay on top and provide our students with the best service.”

Mount Kenya aims to market highly qualified staff in the hospitality and tourism industry. Since it started working in Rwanda, it has put more than 500 graduates on the market.

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