Musanze: There is a rare disease in pigs – Here are the emergency measures for the farm (AUDIO)


The administration of Musanze District has ordered one of the Sectors to stop the roasting of ‘Akabenz’ because of a rare disease affecting pigs.

Some of the symptoms of pigs infected with this disease include high fever, refusal to feed, lethargy, red color on the skin and poor breathing.

UMUSEKE tried to talk to the veterinarian in the District, promising to come and give us information, but he was not available.

Only, UMUSEKE spoke to Shirimpumu Jean Claude, a breeder with experience in raising pigs in a modern way, who is also the leader of the association of pig breeders in the country. RAB), has already taken a demonstration (sample) to find out about that disease.

He said, “Some of the symptoms that have come to light is that it is one of the most common diseases in pigs, which was also seen last year in Eastern Province, Kayonza, and Rwamagana. It is confused with Muryamo because both have the same symptoms, but the good thing is that it can be prevented and “If the animal caught shows signs, it can be saved without dying.”

Listen to the detailed interview

In the announcement of February 20, 2023, the Mayor of the District, Ramuri Janvier, said that in just four (4) days in the Muko Sector, there was an unusual disease in the pigs and they were dying.

Residents of Muko, Muhoza, Kimonyi, Rwaza, Busogo sectors are requested to hurry to implement the measures taken.

Some of the measures taken include the closure of all pig slaughterhouses and the closure of all pig farms in the Sector.

The district also requested that “carriage of pigs taken from or taken to the mentioned sectors is prohibited.”

The District Administration also suggested that the dead pigs should be thrown into long pits.

Farmers are advised to improve hygiene measures in the bridge, including the use of burnt grass, having a foot that contains the solution used before entering the bridge, to avoid mixing the cows with the equipment used.

Breeders are also reminded to breed protected pigs.

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