Planitini left the stage due to complaining to the DJ: in Tour du Rwanda Festival in Rubavu


The people of Rubavu were very happy to see their favorite artists in the ‘Tour du Rwanda Festival’ which accompanied the stage of the ‘Tour du Rwanda’ race that was held in this region on Lake Kivu.

The concert on February 23, 2023 was the second after the one that took place in Musanze on February 21, 2023.

It was a show launched by Senderi Hit who sang many of his popular songs.

When he got to the middle of his song, he called the bikers who were in the show and everyone gave him a bottle of something to drink and then they went back to dancing.

The artist followed by Platini also pleased his fans but he could not finish the performance because he could not agree with DJ Theo who was playing in the show.

He accused the DJ of mixing his songs wrongly, causing him to leave the dance floor without finishing entertaining his crowd.

However, even though Platini left the dance not happy, the show continued with artists including Afrique, Papa Cyangwe and Bwiza who also took the opportunity to entertain their fans who went home with music and danced in the garden located just above the ‘Public beach’.

Due to the fact that the race was still going on, and that the hours were getting longer, the National Police decided to ask the organizers of the show to close the event and let people go to rest before continuing their work in the morning.

The heat of the show and its flavor made many go home unaware that artistes including Mico The Best, Kenny Sol and Chris Eazy were unable to perform for their fans.

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