Teaching Assistant/Intern at PIH – Partners In Health: (Deadline 31 August 2023)


Teaching Assistant/Intern at PIH – Partners In Health: (Deadline 31 August 2023)

Title: Teaching Assistant/Intern

Reports to: Head, Humanities and Social Sciences

Program: MBBS/MGHD

Duration: September 1 to November 30

Location: UGHE campus, Butaro, Burera diistrict

Position Overview

The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is recruiting an intern to support the teaching of humanities and social sciences courses between September and November 2023. The intern will work as a Teaching Assistant and will provide support through in-class presence, grading, managing online course content, and collating, drafting, and editing teaching materials as needed. It is expected that the intern will support the delivery of the following courses: Medical Anthropology and Social Medicine (HUM102), Community-based Training (CBT101), Gender and Social Justice (HUM103), and Communication and Writing Skills (ENG101 & ENG102).


The intern will commit to:

  • Assisting the Head of Humanities and Social Sciences, the course directors, and the visiting faculty with their teaching.
  • Working in collaboration with the Academic Administrative Assistant of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Helping with the grading of student assessments, essays, reports, tests, and/or exams.
  • Supporting the drafting and editing of teaching and learning materials, including on the university’s Learning Management System (Canvas).
  • Responding promptly to student and administrative requests during the employment term.
  • Supporting students through various modalities, including office hours.
  • Adhering to the UGHE Code of Conduct:

UGHE aims to foster an environment in which all members work productively and equitably in pursuit of academic, professional, and personal excellence. The community supports expression, inquiry, intellectual honesty, respect for the dignity and diversity of others, and openness to constructive change. The community will be tolerant and supportive, characterized by civility and consideration for others. All community behavior must be in accordance with Rwandan law.

  • Adhering to the UGHE Honor Code:

As members of the UGHE academic community, we are tenacious and resolute in our drive to attain social justice, we make common cause with those in need, we listen to learn from others, and we operate with honesty and humility as we uphold academic integrity and intellectual curiosity.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Master’s training focused on social sciences, English, or global health.
  • Experience teaching, mentoring and/or coaching health science-oriented students, utilizing active learning approaches.
  • Experience adapting teaching strategies to accommodate learners of different backgrounds and with different levels of pre-existing content familiarity.
  • Enthusiasm to work with an academic team to develop and employ diverse pedagogical strategies.
  • Experience working or teaching in Rwanda and/or other relevant contexts.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.

In addition to this application, applicants should provide: (1) curriculum vitae, (2) Undergraduate degree, (3) a cover letter discussing your interest in UGHE and relevant experience.

UGHE is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Organizational Profile

University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is a new kind of university focused on training the next generation of global leaders in health care delivery. The University launched in Rwanda in September 2015 with the Master of Science in Global Health Delivery (MGHD). Through an academic experience uniquely rooted in the values of equity, students are empowered to both ease suffering at the bedside and drive transformational, systemic changes to the health system. UGHE also offers its model for health care delivery through a portfolio of customized Executive Education certificate courses to develop professionals using critical competencies central to strengthening health care delivery systems.

UGHE is an initiative of Partners In Health (PIH), an internationally recognized non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a preferential option for the poor in health care. In over nearly three decades of operating alongside public sectors in countries around the world, PIH has developed a model to deliver high quality healthcare to some of the world’s most marginalized communities. Nowhere has this impact been more profound than in Rwanda, where Inshuti Mu Buzima—PIH’s sister organization—and our government partners have driven innovation for a decade.

Members of the UGHE community are tenacious and resolute in our drive to attain social justice, make common cause with those in need, listen to and learn from others, and operate with honesty and humility as we uphold academic integrity and intellectual curiosity. The University of Global Health Equity seeks individuals committed to these values to join the team.

Commitment to Safeguarding and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment:

At UGHE, we are committed to ensuring that those who benefit from our work- including community members – as well as our students, contractors, staff and visitors to our campus are treated with dignity and respect and protected from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment and any form of systemic abuse, whilst reducing risk and vulnerabilities. A range of pre-employment checks will be undertaken in conformity with UGHE’s policy.

UGHE will request information from applicants’ previous employers about any findings of fraud, harassment, sexual harassment and any form of systemic abuse or incidents under investigation when the applicant left employment.  By submitting an application, the job applicant confirms their understanding of these recruitment procedures.

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