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During sex it is often the man who finishes and the woman who begins to feel the increased desire.

While a man’s orgasm is characterized by ejaculation, his wife’s orgasm is not about ejaculation, but for her it is about reaching the climax of the pleasure that comes from intercourse.

Before the end of the woman feels like the rest of her whole body is thrown away, some scream loudly and others are starving those who are sleeping or others are starving while they are lying down. When they finish, some are lively, others are hot, but in general, a woman who has finished falls into a depression and the happiness makes her sleepy and happy.

Some women say that they don’t know how ejaculation happens, some blame it on their husbands, however, a woman’s infertility is not always blamed on the man, although it can also come from him.

In this article, we have prepared for you various points that can cause a woman to be indecisive during intercourse.

1. You spend too many hours sitting

Sitting for long hours, especially those who work as a receptionist, causes pain in the muscles and ligaments of the hips and buttocks, which makes intercourse difficult because the ligaments that support it fail.

If you do a job that requires you to sit for a long time, it is good to go through it and go to lower your hips and waist, walk, bend your hips and straighten yourself.

2. You wear high heels

You may think that this is unrelated, but wearing high heels for a long time also makes the muscles of the thighs and buttocks very tight and the genitals get tight due to walking like a regular.

Correcting this requires reducing the amount of time you spend wearing high heels or eliminating them altogether

3. Don’t drink enough water

To be able to finish, you need to have enough water in your body because it allows the meat inside the penis to be able to slide smoothly and that is what increases the taste that makes you finish.

4. You drink too much alcohol

Drinking hard alcohol, or drinking too much, causes the body to lose water and your muscles look like they’re dry. That is why when you drink alcohol you are advised to drink more water than you normally drink when you are not drinking.

5. Medicines you are taking

In general, antihypertensives, birth control pills are the number one drug that causes infertility in women. Another thing is to have high levels of prolactin, which is the hormone that makes a postpartum woman have enough hormones. Other drugs are antihistamines, which are drugs used to treat allergic reactions.

6. The man doesn’t help you finish

This is where the man’s role in the woman’s impotence becomes apparent. When a man doesn’t know the effect of taste on his woman during intercourse it will be difficult for the woman to finish. And every woman is different. There are endings that are forced, there are endings where the man prioritizes and does it slowly, there are endings where the man does it quickly, in other words the man is asked to cooperate with his wife to find out what makes her ending well.

7. You do it quietly

Various studies have shown that women who engage in silent sex have a harder time completing it than women who engage in verbal stimulation. It is not necessary to shout, but to say pleasant words and to appreciate what you are doing makes your body cooperate to feel the taste and finish easier.

8. You are not prepared enough

How much time did the man prepare for you before doing it? Are you doing it willingly or are you being manipulated or even being raped? Some people take off their clothes and immediately start doing this, which makes the man finish the woman before she has even started. Others also find that they do it because the man does not have a good relationship, but he also feels that he does not see how to deny it. The time you spend preparing, the way you prepare (and you participate in it) makes you enter the task more willing and therefore the completion is possible.

9. Oxytocin levels are low

This yeast, also known as the yeast of love, is a yeast that does not end. If your body is not doing enough it will be difficult for you to finish. Often this hormone is suppressed by anxiety, fear, and restlessness. However, spending time with a man, kissing while looking at each other’s eyes, is one of the factors that make this hormone increase in the body.

10. You did it because you wanted to steal it

If you have intercourse that you wanted to urinate and you close it, it will reduce the taste because it will be in your mind that if you release the urine, it will stop. Mixing action with passive thinking makes you lose taste. Before entering the activity, first relax, go to the activity with the body ready and relaxed.

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