The city of Kigali is going to add more than 300 passenger cars


The Ministry of Infrastructure has announced that in less than three months, more than 300 passenger cars will be added to the streets of Kigali City, as part of a plan to solve the problems of public transportation that have been going on for days.

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Uwase Patricie, told the National Council of Cooperation that the problem of transporting passengers in Kigali has taken another step due to the aging of the vehicles, making it difficult to replace them.

It has created a problem where people have to wait for cars for a long time, hampering their journey.

He continued, “Recently, in the city of Kigali, in particular, we have added more than 300 vehicles, and other issues, such as Nyabugogo, when you arrive, you will see that it is the biggest traffic jam with vehicles that take people outside the country and here. in Kigali, we are studying at the end of the study, we will take it apart, even if we will fix it according to the time we arrive, so that even the person who goes to that car will find it works well in the right way.”

Uwase said that the process of buying these vehicles has started, and is far advanced.

He continued, “Since people are waiting for the car, we can’t say that it will be long, because now we have started looking for a place to buy it, and the budget to buy it was found by working with the Ministry of Finance, we all have that money, the only thing missing is to order it, and then they will come and be used by those people who carry things and things.”

“I would say in less than three months because buying a car, having it done, bringing it in takes time, but this program is really close.”

It is a public-private partnership program.

Uwase also said that apart from the city of Kigali, more plans are being made to solve the problems seen in the trips that take people to the province.

In January 2023, President Paul Kagame asked the authorities to find a solution to the problems that have continued to be expressed by the people, which include travel restrictions for public transport users.

At that time he was in the Parliament, when he received the oath of office of the new President of the Senate, Dr Kalinda François Xavier.

President Kagame said that this issue should be resolved once and for all.

He said, “I heard that there is a problem with the transportation of people, the people as they go […] they tell me that there is a problem. That’s what I hear from the people, from the people in charge, no one knows about it. Whether you know it or not, go from here to follow up to find out what the problem is. get the solution out of the way.”

It is a problem that has been going on for days, where in the car and on various billboards, passengers say that they spend hours waiting for a car and it kills them. It is a situation that has become more common at the beginning of the year in the morning hours when people go to work and in the evening when they come home.

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