The Kinazi factory has problems including poor production processing


Ruhango: The workers in the cassava processing plant (Kinazi Cassava Plant) told the Minister of Local Government and Security, when they visited, that it is processing production which is very low of its capacity, (operating at the rate of 30% and 20% ).

On the evening of Thursday, February 3, 2023, when the Minister of Local Government Musabyimana Jean Claude, together with the Minister of National Security Gasana Alfred and the administrative bodies in the Southern Province visited the activities On the other hand, they said, the Nazi potato flour processing plant is operating at a rate of 30% per day.

The director of Kinazi Cassava Plant, Bizimana Jerôme says that the main reason is the old machines that need to be replaced, and that they have been talking to the authorities for some time and they promise that it will be solved in the near future.

Bizimana said that the factory should receive and process 120 tons.

“Today the factory can only receive 40 tons of potatoes which is equivalent to 10 tons of potato flour per day,” he said.

The Minister of Local Government, Musabyimana Jean Claude says that the issues raised by the Company’s management are not what should come to the fore, but rather the interaction between its workers and farmers.

He said, “No company can operate at a good scale without following the problems of farmers to help them solve them. You should accompany the farmers to get good seeds, inputs, harvesting methods, we found that there is no agreement between the company and the farmers.”

Musabyimana said that not accompanying the farmers affects the production that the factory should receive and process per day.

Minister Musabyimana says that the consumer who comes first is the one who carries the potatoes more than the factory receives.

However, some of the farmers told UMUSEKE that the price of bananas the company is living with and the time it pays is what discourages them, they refuse to continue selling bananas and they have other buyers who pay them at a higher price.

One of the many said: “For a kilo of cucumbers, the factory charges us 185 rupees, others charge us 250 rupees and we pay for it.”

Minister Musabyimana says that they are going to advise them to improve the interaction and performance of the factory and the farmers.

Just when the leaders arrived at the factory, they were not invited inside the factory to see how the factory is working, they did not hear the noise of the potato flour processing machines, nor did they see the large number of farmers who brought potatoes to the factory as before, because The management of the factory said that it is not working.

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