Umurenge Kagame Cup: Nyakabanda women won the cup


At the end of the competition that unites all the sectors that make up the country of Rwanda named after the head of the country, Paul Kagame, the sector of Nyakabanda won that of Kanyinya, and immediately won the trophy in the category of women from Nyarugenge.

In order to continue building good governance for every Rwandan, a competition has been launched that unites all the sectors that make up the country of Rwanda. This tournament is called the ‘Sector Kagame Cup Tournament’, in order to reflect and appreciate the good leadership of the country.

This competition is played through the Districts, up to the National level where the Sectors that performed well in each District, meet at the Provincial level to compete.

In Nyarugenge District, women playing in Nyakabanda Sector, won the cup by beating Kanyinya Sector 5-0, who immediately won the cup. This match took place on Wednesday 22 February 2023.

This game was attended by various organizations, mainly the leaders of the Nyakabanda Sector in different sectors, but in particular they look after women on a daily basis.

Although the women of Nyakabanda performed well, their men did not because they were defeated by Nyarugenge Sector through penalties after a 1-1 draw.

Those who spoke to UMUSEKE said that winning this trophy is a sign that women are capable in all fields including sports.

They continue to ask the relevant institutions to continue to support women in everything as the country has given them the value they deserve.

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